Palette Club Art Center of Midland is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization


Dee Kemp, the President of the Palette Club, showing a painting of a scene near Tincup, Colorado which was painted by Lucille Barron.  The painting was donated to the Palette Club by her nephew Carter Barron.  Lucille was one of the founders of the Palette Club & its first President.  The black & white photo is of Lucille & Ralph Barron.  We are thankful to Carter Barron for his donation.  The painting hangs at the Palette Club.

A special thank you to the Jewish Philanthropic Union & the Arts Council of Midland, Texas on the Arts for the donation of the video recording and screen.  This will enable the Palette Club to video & record Workshops & Demonstrations.  The large screen (seen below) also helps during Workshops to view the Artist working . Again......thank you!

‚ÄčAnd a shout-out to our own Julia Still for making this possible!!