Palette Club Art Center of Midland is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

About Us

​​The Midland Palette Club art center, now at 907 West Wadley, began in the very late 1920's when some neighbor ladies found others also interested in art. They took turns painting in each other's homes, garages or storerooms.

On September 16, 1935, they met to officially form an art club. The Founding Members were Mrs. Lucille Barron, Mrs. Alva Bingham, Mrs. Mary Butler, Mrs. May Gossett, Mrs. Myrtle Golladay, Mrs. Myra Hale, Mrs. Bess Long Hix, Mrs. Mary S. Bay, Mrs. Alpha Lanham, Mrs. Maude Snider, Mrs. Mattie Mitchell and Mrs. T A. Whiteman.

Mrs. Ralph Barron was President and her husband said that he would donate the lot at 604 North Colorado Street if his other lots in the area sold, which they did. The founding members raised $700 through the sales of cookies, aprons and magazines. They submitted their plans for a wooden building containing a craft room with a small kitchen and a bathroom to a builder. The women would finally be able to all paint at one time. They painted the building themselves. Maintenance was provided by their husbands as lawn mowing, plumbing and other mechanical needs arose.

A lighted picture window was added in 1951. In 1956 the club incorporated and adopted its charter.

Also in 1956,  the hospital allowed the members to hang their paintings in the rooms of 56 patients. Now, members are hanging their art in nursing homes, banks, several restaurants, the Civic Center, Allison Bridge Center and several local galleries.

In 1972, the Club's float won second place in the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade. The $200 prize money was used to buy a new air conditioner for the Club House. Members on the float wore identical pink smocks, made by the members, as they stood with their easels and palettes.

Through the years various groups have met at the Club House. They include The Tuesday Painters, The China Painters, The Craft Guild, The Camera Club, a men's evening art group, The Easy Writers Calligraphy Guild, and The American Association of University Women.

With the boom of the 1980's, the downtown location became a valuable piece of property. The Palette Club members sold the property and used the proceeds to build a new, much larger brick building at 907 West Wdley, which also had plenty of parking spaces. Our current membership totals 90 artists.

The rest is history!