Midland, Texas


Palette Club
                 PO Box 9456, Midland, Texas 79708                   

907 W. Wadley, Midland, Texas 79705 
2017 Officers:
President:  Dee Kemp

            1st Vice President: Scottie Mansfield           2nd Vice President: Eleanor Harper    

Secretary:  Julia Still    

                                     Treasurers:   Nancy Kirk & Sharon Jones                                   

Program Chair:  Somita Fekete


Newsletter Editor Diane Brown: diane@dkbrowne.com         

Website & App Designer & Editor:   Sue Roberson - artista4613@gmail.com     

Board of Directors for 2017:
Dee Kemp,   Beth Barton,   Eleanor Harper,   Sharon Jones,   Mary Tucci,   Somita Fekete,   Lisa Frosch,
Nancy Kirk,   Julia Still,  Sue Roberson,   Scottie Mansfield

Welcome to the Palette Club of Midland, Texas!  We are a non-profit community arts center that encourages self-expression through hands on experience. We believe that art is an essential part of any thriving community. We believe that arts lift the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of the citizens of our community. We collaborate with artists and artistic organizations in an effort to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas. We work to encourage a thriving community of artists and appreciation of art within Midland and the surrounding communities. We facilitate classes, lectures and exhibits in an effort to enrich the lives of all citizens of our area. 


The Palette Club strives to unleash the artistic potential of every community member!

Plan on being part of our excitement!

Become a member or volunteer today!

We are always looking for anyone interested in improving their art skills.
Email us or just stop by every Tuesday from 9am until noon.