PALETTE CLUB of Midland, Texas


Our February Hero

Palette Club member Mary Tucci stepped in the spot light this month by filling in for our February guest artist.

Mary rolled up her sleeves and shared her "squeegee" painting method to club members and visitors. 

Squeege or squilgee is a flat, smooth rubber blade tool used on flat surfaces to remove liquid or control liquid movement. This method incorporates horizontal and vertical movements along the surface with a possible series of "swivels" and "turns".

Mary has mastered this technique with brilliant color reflection and amazing abstract imagery.

Very exciting stuff! Thank you, Mary! 


Community Outreach

We believe that art is an essential part of any thriving community. 

Judges encouraged young artists this February by judging student entries at the Annual Emerson Elementary "Around the World" art contest.  

Announcements are expected later this month. 

Judging the art contest this year are artists Leslie Slaughter, Mary Tucci, Julia Still and Somita Fekete 

Thank you Leslie, Mary, Julia and Somita!!

Partially funded by: Arts Council of Midland
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